Dental Crowns & Bridges Toronto & Markham

Dental Crowns:

When teeth are badly decayed,or 3/4 of a cusp is broken,or tooth is heavily decayed, they may not be strong enough to survive with just a filling. By placing a crown, a tooth may be given a new life. Your damaged teeth can be restored and therefore their strength is improved. The individually custom-fitted and manufactured porcelain crowns helps to achieve the tone of the natural teeth and it makes them hard to tell from your other teeth.

In Some case when th e decay is deeper on gumline,Crown Lenghening will be reguired.
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Frist Visit:
-Numbing the tooth
-Shaping the tooth.
-Taking an impression of the prepared tooth.
-Placing a temporary crown.
-Choosing the shade of the porcelain.

Second Visit:
-Cementing the crown.
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After the placement of the crown, you will be informed how to properly take care of them. Proper Oral Hygiene such as brushing and flossing to remove plaque is very important because plaques can cause tooth decay. Teeth grinding and fingernail biting should also be avoided. Biting hard objects also may cause damage to your dental crown. In general, it is always dependent upon how you take care of your dental restorations.

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Watch the video for Dental Crown:

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Dental Bridges:

When one or more teeth are missing, it could easily affect patient’s smile along with his/her self confidence. Missing teeth can also create much more problems aside from aesthetic appearance. Tooth loss can cause changes in speech impediments, shifting of the teeth, temporomandibular joint disorder and occlusion, and can also increase the risk for tooth decay and periodontal disease.
There are different kind of bridge to replace a missing tooth.Maryland Bridge or Cantilever Bridge.
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Frist Visit:
The dentist will begin by taking X-rays and impressions of the teeth that need the bridge. Then, examination of the health of your gums and other teeth is required to determine whether a dental bridge is actually ideal for you or not. If the teeth that will be supporting the bridge are badly broken or decayed, the dentist might have to build a back up in order for the teeth to properly accept the bridge. Finally, the dentist takes an impression of the teeth to create a model to send to the laboratory, where the bridge will be fabricated so that it fits your smile.

Second Visit:
Applying the Bridge.
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For the first few weeks that you have your bridges, your teeth may be sensitive to very hot and cold. Your dentist might recommend sensitive toothpaste if this becomes permanent. The food you eat might need to be cut in small pieces while you're getting used to the bridge, but after a few weeks you are going to be able to eat normally. Again, the practice of good dental hygiene is important. You can ask your dentist for more information on taking care of the bridges.

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Watch the video for Dental Bridge:

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