Zoom Teeth Whitening Totonto & Markham

Zoom Tooth Whitening:

The zoom tooth whitening system is an extraordinary advanced, and very fast tooth whitening procedure. It's safe and effective and in less than an hour your teeth will become tremendously whiter. Zoom tooth whitening is for anyone looking for immediate results. zoom teeth whitening Toronto Markham 1


1)The dentist evaluates the patient’s pre-whitening tooth shade.
2)The dentist then by using a dental dam isolates the teeth that need to be whitened.
3)Hydrogen peroxide whitening gel is applied on the surface of the teeth.
4)In order to activate the whitening gel, the activating light is used on the teeth.
5)The tooth whitener is then left for about 20 minutes and the procedure is repeated two more times with each application taking about 20 minutes.
6)When the procedure is done then the teeth are washed thoroughly and the whitener is completely removed from the surface.
7)Then the dentist applies 1.1% neutral sodium fluoride gel on the teeth surface to prevent and reduce any sensitivity to hot and cold items.
8)At the end, at-home tooth whitening system is provided to the patient along with instructions to follow up.
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By following some simple care instructions, your teeth will always be brighter than they were before. In order to keep your teeth looking their best, your dentist might recommend flossing, brushing daily and occasional touch-ups. These are specifically professional formula products designed to keep your teeth shiny and whitened. You can ask your dentist regarding these products.

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