Dental Implants Toronto & Markham

Dental Implants:

A dental Implant is an artificial root for a replacement tooth. These roots are integrated into the jaw bone and the replacement teeth are permanently bound to them, usually by a screw attachment. You must consult with your dentist and he/she would recommand whether dental implants is an option for you or not. In order to be eligible for dental implant surgery, the bone of the jaw must be substantial enough to accomodate the implants. Therefore and X-Ray on the jaw is conducted. If there is not sufficient amount of bone on your jaw, then it might be possible to graft bone from another area such as your chin. Also, there is another option and it is to use a bone donor but there are restrictions on this option. dental implants Toronto Markham 1


Metal cylinders are placed inside the jawbone in the missing root. Dental implants are normally made of titanium. This is because titanium is an inert material which does not react or change state. This avoids problems which might arise from other materials being rejected by our own living tissue. Next, the the screw is attached to the implant finally, the tooth is attached to the implant via the connector. dental implants Toronto Markham 2


Recovery would vary from person to person. In simple cases it could last for a day or sometimes 2 or 3 weeks depending on how complex your case is. The diet varies accordingly and anti swelling medication is given to minimize the sweelling. Once the implants are healed you will be sent back to your dentist for another consultion and start making your artificial teeth. The Dentis will discuss the risks that again vary from case to case depending on how complex your case is.

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